How you do NOT have to behave to hang a girl in the club

How you do NOT have to behave to hang a girl in the club

A Leeds escorts told for an online publication certain events from a nightclub. It made a ranking of three types of men who have no chance to hang in such a club.

The lonely guy

This is the guy who gives solo tours through bars, because apparently he has nothing to lose and wants to be sure that there are no witnesses to his hanging attempts. At one of the bars I worked at, I saw a lonely person appearing two or three times a week. His reply was “I’m coming here alone to find beautiful Leeds escorts, because I’m the worst of my friends.” Really, dude? This approach shows that you do not trust yourself and do not sit well with your head.

To avoid being the “lonely one” and not making people feel uncomfortable staring at them like a jerk, try to make some friends. Wouldn’t it be okay, though? You go to the pub and talk to the bartender. It’s much more interesting when the guy approaches a group of women with his own group of friends. When someone asks you, “Who did you come here with?”, and you say, “Oh, well I came alone “, it’s bullshit.

The guy looking for secluded seats

Here’s something funny: women are not zebras, and you’re not a lion that has to catch prey and can attack. However, a lot of guys are tempted to isolate the woman, that is, to take her dancing away from her friends. Or, worse, take her by the arm and take her to a more secluded area to “talk.”Once, in the bar where I was employed, an older gentleman, who was not good at hearing, did so with every woman he approached.

Once, he even grabbed a girl’s arm so hard that it dislocated her shoulder. The Leeds escorts tried to snatch it from his hand and leave, but he jerked it hard. Believe me, it’s not fun to put someone’s shoulder back on a song of Justin Bieber shit.

The beggar

Don’t you accept a refusal and still have the impression that begging will make the girl change her mind? This is called emotional manipulation, it doesn’t work in any scenario and it makes everyone feel shit. Don’t beg her to take a shot with you. Don’t throw yourself on your knees to let her dance with her or give you her phone number. Adapt yourself. If he says “no”, then he really means “no”.

Here’s the most pathetic behavior I’ve ever seen in a club: a Leeds escorts refused one, and he asked for her money back for all the drinks she’d bought him. Do you realize how sad this thing is? They talked all night, he honored her, but when the girl told him she wasn’t interested in going home with him, the guy had this reaction.This is not normal and no man should have this kind of behavior.

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