Even though the internet in anything like its modern form is only ten years old, and the world wide web only really became available for most people after the creation of the first usable web browser – Netscape Navigator – in nineteen ninety four. Prior to that the dark web was the only web. And it was only available to technical experts. The world wide web, online shopping, apps and everything that comes with it is now an integral part of our lives and is used by billions of people every day on laptops, desktops, tablets and mobiles. In fact, almost everything we do depends in some way on the world wide web. Despite its huge importance and ubiquity however, there are plenty of things that people do not know about it.


Sex is massive on the internet – duh! That hardly sounds like news. But what is not really understood is just how high tech and large in scale the adult business really is on the world wide web. Pornhub, for example, is the twenty second busiest website on earth. Bigger than Bing or eBay, WhatsApp, Spotify or LinkedIn. All adult sites, including ones for the kind of girls who escorts Tenerife guests are in a ferociously competitive space. It is harder to make an escort agency or porn site successful than it is with pretty much any other industry.

The World Wide Web is unbelievably huge – Research has proved that the internet is incredibly huge. But exact figures are hard to establish. If for no other reason than the fact that it is growing every minute of every day. A recent search engine test found that there are at least a trillion pages on the world wide web. Although they acknowledged that this is probably only a tiny percentage of what is really online. The so called “dark web” is not accessible through a web browser and is not technically part of the world wide web. And it estimated that this dark web is over twenty times larger than what most web users are aware of. By the way, it is worth bearing in mind that once something is on the internet it never goes away. Ever. It is always available somewhere, to someone.

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