Owning and managing an escort agency business (let alone lots of escort agency businesses) is time consuming, energy sapping and can easily expand to take over your life. I guess every small business is like that, but not every small business is open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and is quite as subject to unexpected stress and nightmares like this one is.


The result of all that is that it is easy to find myself caught up in the current – currebt issues, current tasks, current problems etc and not take care of what is important. And it is also really easy to put off things that are not to do with the business, such as my health and fitness. I am not like the Malaga escorts for whom keeping their bodies tight and in great shape is a large part of their job. If they do not look good and sexy at all times, they do not make any money. I suppose that is alright as they do not eat much anway, but they have gym fees and hair dresser appointments to pay for! Without the external need to be fit, it tends to get put off.

The World Wide Web is unbelievably huge – Research has proved that the internet is incredibly huge. But exact figures are hard to establish. If for no other reason than the fact that it is growing every minute of every day. A recent search engine test found that there are at least a trillion pages on the world wide web. Although they acknowledged that this is probably only a tiny percentage of what is really online. The so called “dark web” is not accessible through a web browser and is not technically part of the world wide web. And it estimated that this dark web is over twenty times larger than what most web users are aware of. By the way, it is worth bearing in mind that once something is on the internet it never goes away. Ever. It is always available somewhere, to someone.


  • Make it so easy that I am less likely to say no to it, which means that I need to develop a little ritual to get me started and keep it the same each and every time.
  • Make it something that takes me towards some of my goals. (oh God got to write a goal setting thing now…)
  • Keep doing the same things so they become mindless, an integral part of me and do not require motivation to make them happen.
  • If I lose focus I plan to just go back to the ritual and start again. To take a line from the film the Matrix “everybody falls the fist time”
  • Think about why I am doing this, or achieving this this thing (fill in goal blog here lol) to get me back to the start.
  • I also need to set realistic goals, If something is too easy I will become bored and give up. If something is too difficult such as “lose 2 tone by Tuesday” ( my usual failing) then I will give up as I will not think that I am making progress towards it.


The Goldilocks Rule states that humans experience peak motivation when working on tasks that are right on the edge of their current abilities. Not too hard. Not too easy. Just right.

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