Jimmy Jane Hello Touch is awesome. It proves that we are living in the future! Strap on your robot fingers on and go ahead and play with yourself. The reviews on line and also from my friends (and me) indicate that the sensations from this toy are amazing. But if you like your orgasms explosive as thiugh from a Hitachi mains powered vibrator, this might not be for you as the orgasms are non explosive, much like a magic bullet vibrator.


Luna Beads are perfect for foreplay and also for solo play for a lady who likes a long drawn out experience. These toys are also extremely useful for strengthening the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. And these balls and your enhanced muscles will produce stronger orgasms. Luna balls are based on and inspired by the Ben Wa balls – Geisha balls – which have been aroud for centuries. Though they have only recently reached the West, where sex has not historically been seen as a sport like it is in Japan and China. Madrid escorts are big fans of these toys and their many various versions. Strong kegel muscles are good for sexual health for any woman, but especially for someone who has far more sex than the average person. And having muscles in your vagina that can stroke an orgasm out of a man without you moving your hips is a useful trick in the sex business.

The Fifty Shades of Grey kit is perfect for couples who are looking to try something new. Honestly, as a former professional dominatrix I find the kit rather cheap and nasty. Not as nasty as the book and films which say that anyone who is kinky must be damaged – we are not! But if you are new to the world of BDSM the ties and blindfolds will get you into the swing of things. Though you will need to add some extra fun and kink in the form of floggers, ticklers and the like. Although you can ad lib most of it with the use of a little imagination. Blocking one sense with a blinfold and restraining someones movement forces their other sense to the surface and enhance every feeling and sensation.

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